Taiji Kungfu Academy

“Taiji” means “ultimate” and “Kung Fu” means “skills developed through hard work.” “Taiji Kungfu Academy” therefore means “Ultimate Skill Academy.” We provide superior training with safety and personal achievement in mind. We promote ethical conduct and teach fairly and openly to all students who invest their time at our Academy.

Founded in 1994 by Master Kam Lee, Taiji Kungfu Academy (TKA) has been instrumental in bringing traditional Chinese martial arts to Orange Park, Jacksonville and Fleming Island. Beginning with a single student in his backyard, Master Lee grew his academy in just a few years. In 2001 with over 100 students, the Kam Lee Center was established to house both martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine under one roof.

Kam Lee Taiji Kungfu Academy (TKA) has appeared on local television stations, performed martial arts and cultural Lion Dances during World of Nation (WON) and Dragon Boat festivals, Charity Shows, Families for adopted Children, Night of Asia and many more. Our students have participated in many National and International Tournaments, winning gold medals including overall Grand Champions.

Master Kam Lee has been practicing Chinese martial arts since 1973, and teaching and sharing this timeless discipline in Jacksonville and Orange Park since the early 1990s. He founded his first school in Jacksonville in 1997 and his second school in Fleming Island in 2006. Kam is presently the owner and Master Instructor of Kam Lee TKA – Taiji Kung Fu Academy. He is also a 4th generation Wuzuquan Kung Fu under the late Grandmaster Kan Hu Chang and a 12th. generation Tai Chi practitioner under the renowned Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai from the birth place of Tai Chi.

Conferred a 7th Degree Black Belt by the United States Southern Shaolin Wuzuquan Federation in 2006, Kam was also a gold medalist in the International Jiaozuo Open Taijiquan Championships in 2007 and 2011 for his forms and swordplay.

Originating in a humble background from an ‘old school’ system, Master Lee has taught this ancient discipline to thousands of students. A Chief Judge in National Chinese Martial Arts Tournaments for more than fifteen years, Kam has appeared on TV shows, taught workshops and performed in Master’s demonstrations throughout the United States and abroad.

His open, friendly and practical teaching style has produced many top gold medalists and helped hundreds of students achieve a high level of understanding and performance in their martial skills. Besides his martial arts background, Kam is also an orthodox Acupuncture Physician trained in the art of healing. Combining both arts, Kam Lee has refined the way students train in the martial art.

Challenging, fun and exciting classes!
Our classes are challenging, fun and exciting, while learning safety and confidence to meet your daily life’s challenges. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality instruction and training in the martial arts industry.

Martial art program for everyone.
We teach two unique martial art disciplines to accommodate the need of all our students: Kung Fu (external style) and Tai Chi (internal style). Our programs and classes are carefully crafted to include a wide range of training methods to suit each individual student. This is because we recognize that each student possesses a different body type, strengths, and qualities. Students are encouraged to advance gradually and confidently in their comfort zone to be successful and achieve their personal goals. Our martial art programs include traditional Kids martial arts, Teens & Adult Kung Fu and the original Tai Chi (Taijiquan).

Great location, great features.
Our school in Fleming Island is conveniently located with ample parking space and shopping centers nearby. With high ceilings, wall mirrors, and a raised mat floor for training safety, we have the one of the best martial arts facilities in town. Our friendly staff is always here to answer any of your questions or concerns.

National and International Affiliations:
TKA is a member of the United States of America Wushu-Kungfu Federation (USAWKF), the national body that represents the United States in the National and International Championships. Master Lee is a long-standing Board member and the past treasurer of USAWKF. He is also the President of International Tiancai Chenjiagou Taijiquan Federation (ITCTF), USA formed by his Taiji teacher, Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai to propagate the art of Tai Chi in the states.

Our Center also features a holistic health program for pain relief, balance and healing.

Services include:

  • Complete Chinese Health Evaluation
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Therapeutic Massage Therapy
  • Martial Arts Store
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Private Lessons

Meet Our Team

Master Kam Lee
Master Kam LeeChief Instructor - Taiji Kung Fu Academy, Owner - Kam Lee Center
Years of training: 1973 – present
Rank: 7th. Degree Black Belt, 4th Gen. Wuzuquan & 20th. Gen. Chen Taijiquan practitioner

Martial Arts History:
• Awarded 7th Degree Black Belt by the North American Shaolin Federation – 2003
• Awarded “Master of the Year” by World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Sarawak, Malaysia – 2016
• Chief Judge in major Chinese Martial Arts tournaments in the United States
• Former United States Wushu Kung Fu Federation Board member and Treasurer
• 1st place Gold Medalist in Jiaozuo International Tournament, China 2007 & 2011 for Straight sword and Hand form display.
• Florida Acupuncture Physician since 1994 till present.

Mr. Charles Macabasco
Mr. Charles MacabascoHead Instructor of Adult Kung Fu and Tai Chi - Taiji Kung Fu Academy
Years of training: 2004 – present
Rank: 2nd Degree Black Belt, 5th Gen. Wuzuquan & 21st Gen. Chen Taijiquan practitioner
Charles was personally taught and brought up to be an Instructor by Master Kam Lee in the arts of Tiong Wah Wuzuquan Kung Fu and Chen Family Taijiquan. Over the years of training, Charles’ passion for Martial Arts has lead him to become one of the senior instructor of Kam Lee Taiji Kung Fu. To this day, Charles continues to follow in his teacher’s footsteps guiding many students to improve their martial arts skills helping them achieve their highest potential.
Ms. Christine Olson
Ms. Christine OlsonKung Fu Kids Program Director, Instructor - Taiji Kung Fu Academy
Years of training: 2006 – present
Rank: Black Belt, 5th Gen. Wuzuquan & 21st Gen. Chen Taijiquan practitioner

Since 2010 I have been active in the Kung Fu Kid’s program at Kam Lee’s Taiji Kung Fu Academy. It is my passion as a Kid’s Program instructor to help children discover their true potential as they grow and apply lessons and skills they have learned. I enjoy working closely with parents and families to overcome barriers and improve confidence in our young ones. Children are our real hope for the future. Filling their social needs with a true traditional discipline can help them become better adults, make better decisions and succeed in their later years.

Dr. Mindy Jaques
Dr. Mindy JaquesMedical Qigong Instructor - Taiji Kung Fu Academy
Years of training: 2010 – present
Status: Acupuncture Physician
Mindy Jaques is an acupuncture physician, and has studied qigong, Chen Taijiquan and Chinese medicine under Kam Lee since 2010. She is a graduate of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine and holds a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine. While at Dragon Rises she studied medical qigong, an integral part of their master’s program in Oriental medicine – alongside acupuncture and Chinese herbology. She is also a licensed paramedic and has been an instructor for the American Heart Association for the last 15 years. This combined experience has allowed her to join eastern and western medical theory into her teaching. She enjoys making her classes fun and easy to understand, while helping students and patients gain mastery over their own health.

Kung Fu is a path to a peaceful life.

The self-defense techniques are merely a tool to get you there. Come join our school in Fleming Island.