Kids Martial Art

Whether your kids are too shy, too bossy, perhaps just a bit hyper or just looking for a healthy hobby, TKA Kids martial arts program can help your child learn many important life lessons. In addition to learning self-defense, our kid’s classes stress better discipline, respect, teamwork and responsibility.

This program was uniquely created to introduce your child to martial arts in a fun and safe environment. Our program helps strengthen respect for parents, elders, peers and items that belong to them or others. This is a great program for balancing high energy while developing confidence and motivation in children including anti-bullying and stranger-danger awareness.

Benefits: Discipline, respect, manners, mental focus, confidence, self-esteem, flexibility, strength, teamwork, self-defense skills, fitness and health.

Testing and Ranking: Yes
Recommended for ages 5 – 12


Kung Fu

Our teens and Adult Kung Fu program is based on five of the most effective styles of Chinese Martial Arts (Art of the Five Ancestors). These five are “Grand Ancestors Fist”, “Immortal Fist”, “White Crane Fist”, “Monkey Fist” and “Soft Fist”. Five major skills developed are; agility, arm and leg techniques, body hardening, and neutralizing techniques. The main focus is teaching students according to their abilities, and helping them grow.

Achieving a black belt is no longer a vision but a reality. As students are taught to utilize their inner potential they gain skills and confidence. Classes include the training of hand-forms, weapons, self-defense skills and applications. Self-mastery becomes a reality as students hone their skills; not just for self-defense but also in how to succeed in life and attain better health.

Benefits: Self-defense skills, better focus, confidence, self-esteem, respect, teamwork, life skills, improved strength and better cardio, body toning, weight loss, endurance and stress relief.

Testing and Ranking: Yes
Recommended for ages 13+


Tai Chi

For thousands of years, Tai Chi has opened hearts & minds with its gentle, flowing movements, helping people live peaceful, joyful lives. Tai Chi helps our body in many ways. It improves joint function, relieves muscle cramping & pain, soothes stress, improves blood pressure, reduces anxiety, strengthens bones, and so much more. It is perfect for men & women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Though created as a form of self-defense, our classes are in no way about violence, self-defense, or fighting. They’re about healthy exercise and internal peace plain and simple.

Because we know that you are serious about health, we make it easy to learn enabling you to reap its rich benefits in the shortest amount of time and in the most efficient way.

Benefits: anti-aging, rejuvenation, awareness, confidence, harmony, improved energy, strength, better sleep and cardio, better balance and coordination, breathing, calmness, bone strength, stress relief and much more.

Testing and Ranking: Optional
Recommended for all ages


KUNG Fitness

Kung Fitness is specially created for the individual who is interested in body toning, weight loss and cardio. This program challenges the student to be at their best. From boosting your mood, alleviating stress and sleeping better, KUNG Fitness can help improve total wellbeing.

Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle daily chores. Unlike other exercises, our KUNG Fitness program utilizes special techniques from our Tai Chi and Kung Fu programs to safely enhance the overall results, making this program fun, safe and challenging to get you feeling in top shape!

Benefits: Improved strength, better cardio, body toning, weight loss, endurance and stress relief.

Testing and Ranking: N/A
Recommended for all ages


Medical Qigong

This rejuvenating and anti-aging exercise program is based on the therapeutic movements of our Tai Chi exercises and the medical theory of Chinese Medicine. Called “Qigong” or energetic skill, it teaches gentle movements, meditation, breathing and has wide-ranging benefits including improving balance, lowering blood pressure and even easing depression. Traditionally, qigong is described as a practice that cultivates “qi,” or life energy. Chinese medicine believes that illness and disease are caused by blocked qi in the body. Our health program teaches Medical Qigong led by our experienced Acupuncture Physician who will lead the way to better body balance and healing.

Benefits: Improved energy, strength, sleep, cardio, balance, breathing, calmness, prevents osteoporosis and stress relief.

Testing and Ranking: No.
Recommended for all health conditions.