What Others Are Saying About Taiji Kungfu Academy

“If you are sincerely interested in learning authentic, traditional Taiji Quan there is no better place in North America to do it than TKA. I have trained Taiji for 20 years with competent teachers and direct descendants of the Taiji families and can attest the teaching at TKA is of the highest caliber available in the world. As well as the excellent local instructors and Master Lee, belonging to the TKA family allows you to train with Masters and Grandmasters from China when they visit. You can travel 10,000 miles and spend $10,000 to train authentic Taiji Quan in China or you can visit TKA and get the same caliber of teaching for far less.”
John Cipriani, Taiji Kungfu Academy
“Since joining Kam Lee’s Kung Fu Academy more than 1 year ago, I realized how fortunate I am to have found an authentic martial arts school that teaches much more than self-defense. I now have a deeper understanding of the practical knowledge of the closely guarded secrets of Chinese martial arts. The Instructors are the best and very knowledgeable. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and humble when it comes to their passion of teaching. They never push you past your comfort level but teach you to expand your capabilities much greater than you ever think. This is a family oriental martial arts academy and I’m extremely proud to be part of it, including my wife and daughter.”
Mark Gonzales, Kung Fu
“My grandson started his Kung Fu training at Kam Lee Taiji Kung Fu Academy about 2 years ago. Her instructor Laoshi Chris is very talented and posses the rare quality of being able to get the best from a child without the need for strict discipline and still maintain control over her students. She has the unique ability to push them when needed and to back off when they are approaching their limits. She treats them all as her children and the kids love her. My grandson puts out a greater effort because of her leadership style and in my opinion, she possesses all the qualities of a great teacher and her students ultimately reap the benefits. Like my grandson says, ‘Laoshi Chris’s classes are awesome!'”
Dennis Jacoberger, Kids Martial Arts

“Tai Chi has been a transformation in my life. I started Tai Chi at Shifu Kam Lee’s Academy when I was missing the energy and resilience I once had. In the first few weeks, I began to feel a sense of well being and lifted spirits. I felt stronger and more energetic than I had in years. ‘Amazing,’ I thought. I find Tai Chi to be an exceptionally good, complete body exercises that’s also mentally rewarding. The teachers are very motivational, very knowledgeable, and very skilled.”

Gloria Tilman, Tai Chi
“A year ago this past December 2016, I started taking Qigong to help strengthen my knee after surgery.  I started a couple of days a week and that went to 5 days a week.  Qigong is a low impact exercise that works on loosening the tendons, ligaments, muscles and lubricates the joints along with proper breathing and posture.  It has helped me strengthen my legs to where I can squat all the way down without any pain.  The breathing exercises help me to relax and that has carried over to normal everyday activity. I’m a Type 2 diabetic who has controlled my blood sugar thru work and exercise. In the year of taking Qigong, I have lost about 12 pounds along with getting off one of my worst diabetic medications while bringing my blood sugar and my A1C down to near normal ranges. Many thanks to my teachers Laoshi Charles, Dr. Mindy, and Shifu Kam Lee for guidance and sharing techniques that helped me improve my life.”
Tom Tilman, Medical Qigong

Kung Fu is a path to a peaceful life.

The self-defense techniques are merely a tool to get you there. Come join our school in Fleming Island.