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About Us

Simplifying ancient wisdom for modern needs.

In our modern society, we often encounter problems, whether mentally or physically and in our quest for answers, we often return to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and their teachings. 

Our mission is to simplify and share this rich heritage with our students, to enrich their lives, strengthen their mind and body, and gain confidence through learning traditional Chinese martial arts.

Taiji Kungfu Academy (TKA), is a martial arts program under the umbrella of Kam Lee Center which includes Kam Lee Acupuncture. "Taiji" means "Supreme" and "Kungfu" means "Skill". Although supreme skill is our ultimate goal in learning martial arts more importantly, TKA training involves the building of one's character, to be morally sound, calm, and martially capable. One of our special features is the incorporation of traditional Chinese medicine theory into our programs to fully understand how and why we train in a specific way.

Our first center opened in 1994 in Orange Park, Florida. After seven long years we moved to a larger facility in Jacksonville FL on 103rd street where we trained from 2001 until 2011. Our current location in Fleming Island was built in 2006 giving us a total history of about 30 years in the service of our community.

Okay, I must admit I first taught martial arts in my backyard in 1991 for one student. Soon after, another came by and before I knew it, my backyard was too small. I rented a studio in Orange Park in 1994 to accommodate my growing student base. In 2001, I decided to combine my Acupuncture services and martial arts together under one roof for a convenient one stop shop for holistic well-being; and the rest is history!

Since our inception, we have trained thousands of students, patients, and friends in all walks of life, near and far. Our students range in age from 5 to 75 plus. We tailor programs to help you achieve goals that range from losing weight to competing in National Championships.

Our Center features an exclusive training room showcasing our rich tradition and history. We take safety seriously, the training room boasts a raised floor with rubber mats to help prevent knee or falling injury. Additionally, a wall of mirrors is conveniently positioned to allow students to more effectively view the instructors as well as themselves. 

Chinese martial arts is not all about fighting, we also teach you about safety, health and wellness, common sense and most importantly instilling your best potential from within. We have programs for Kids, Adult Martial ArtsSeniors and Taijiquan. We train students to excel at what they do and above all, becoming a responsible citizen for a better world!

So, if you have the desire to find out how you can include self-defense as a discipline in your life, know your strengths and weaknesses, or ponder about philosophies, you have come to the right place! If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call (904-215-6111), come in for a complimentary class or take advantage of our FREE TRIAL SPECIAL! You can also email us!

”The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step"...Dao De Jing