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This program is for everyone but most suitable for our Seniors who are looking to have a simple, gentle and effective exercise to pursue in their daily lives. It keeps them healthy, nimble and balance not to mention that with just a few weeks of practice, it can helps to relieved joint pain, reduce inflammation like arthritis,  increase circulation and strengthen bones.

"Qi" (Chee) means energy and "gong" (kung) means skill. Qigong (Chee-Kung) means energetic skill. Movement is life. To live is to move. This practice helps to energized the body while practicing advanced breathing method used in our Taiji (tai-chi) program.

It teaches Chinese Health philosophy and the concept of the five elements for a better understanding and comprehension of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Understanding what the Yin Yang forces are in the body and how to balance them can lead to a better, ongoing lifestyle in health and happiness.

Watch Master Kam Lee performing the "Daoyin Tuna" Qigong set created by his tutor, Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai, one of the four Arhats of Chen Family Taijiquan. 


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