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Taijiquan (Tai-Chi)


For thousands of years, Taiji (Tai-Chi) has opened hearts & minds with its gentle, flowing movements… helping people live peaceful, joyful lives. Experience the life-changing program with our Fleming Island Taiji Classes

This class is for everyone with an intellectual and perceptive mind. It teaches philosophy, theory and principles, the original Taijiquan forms and if you are interested in the martial arts aspect of Taijiquan, its applications and/or "Push-hands" exercise.

Based on the natural principles of the cosmos, Taijiquan is presently the most practiced martial arts in the world for its health benefits and holistic principles. Here at Taiji Kungfu Academy, we follow the full Chen Taijiquan curriculum created by Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai and taught by Master Kam Lee.

Health Benefits Galore. Taiji (Tai-Chi) helps your body in so many ways. It improves joint function… relieves muscle cramping & pain… soothes stress… improves blood pressure… reduces anxiety… and so much more.

Perfect for Men & Women of all Ages, Shapes, Fitness Levels & Sizes. Don’t let the words “martial art” scare you away! Though it is created as a form of martial arts exercise in the 17th century, Taiji is a gentle, non-intimidating, and can be done by practically anyone! These classes are in no way about violence or fighting. On the contrary, they are practiced to get rid of aggression. They are about healthy exercise and internal peace – plain and simple.

Passionate Instructors to guide you every step of the way. We’re very passionate about Taiji here. For years, it’s been an important, healing part of our lives. Our goal is to share this passion with you, so you can experience the incredible benefits Taiji has to offer. For literally thousands of years, Taiji has changed people’s lives for the better. We’d love nothing more than for you to experience the gift of Tai Chi, too.

Can Taiji practice help you lose weight? Definitely! Not only does it help you lose weight safely but it also does it gently without having to run a marathon gasping for breath or going on a tasteless diet unless you do not really want to enjoy good food. How does it do it? First, practicing Taiji can helps improve digestion and makes you feel full when you have eaten enough, so you do not over eat.

Our complete Taijiquan program including forms and weapons followed the 11th generation, Grandmaster Zhu Tiancai's teaching. Grandmaster Zhu is one of the "Four Golden Arhats" of Chen Family Taijiquan.


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